Student Work

This is is a continuously updated repertoire of how I have implemented technology into my classroom as well as projects I have helped teachers develop.

Fantasy Fiction Story

Grade 4 students published their final copy from a Fantasy Writing Unit, using the Explain Everything App.

Students were scored on the 6 Traits of Writing: Ideas, Organization, Sentence Fluency, Voice, Word Choice, and Conventions

The app is very kid friendly, it allows students to add/edit text, create different slides, record voice, upload images, and animate the text and/or images during the recording process.  Text was copied and pasted from student Google D rive accounts.

Book Trailer

After a reading unit on book clubs, grade 4 students worked in groups to collaboratively create book trailers promoting their books. Along with being sure to introduce the book, and get the viewer excited about it, there were a few technical pieces we wanted to include as well.

1. Images from Google (copyright free to use and share).
2. Music created from garageband, working to evoke mood.
3. Purposeful transitions.
4. Slides with informative text.

Matter Quiz

Grade 4 students used their content knowledge of “matter” to create an interactive quiz. The quiz needed to be worded appropriately as to challenge another 4th grade student.

1. 10 challenging questions
2. Hints to questions, should the participant get an answer incorrect.
3. Links between slides for each multiple choice questions, taking the quiz participant to the appropriate location.
4. Use feedback and comments from peers, to adjust the matter quiz if needed.

Writing E-Portfolio

This was our first attempt at creating an online writing portfolio. Grade 4 students worked through the writing process on six different genres throughout the school year. Each piece began in Google Docs, where they generated ideas, planned, drafted, revised, and edited. This entire process is a mix between independent work and collaboration on part of the student, writing partner, and teacher.

The final piece was published to the Wikispaces page, where students then had access to seeing everyone’s published product.

My goal was to have students comment on each other’s piece providing feedback. The feedback would then be used to help set a goal for the following writing unit. This was a bit of a challenge for us- therefore comments and goals were done with post-its, where they would be more visible to the individual student.


6 Word Memoir

Grade 4 students were working on a 3-4 week unit on writing memoirs. After completing their draft, I asked students to reread their drafts, and search for the “big life moment” that could be summed up in 6 words. I made it into a “Quick Fire Challenge” where they had 30 minutes to:
1. Create a Google Drawing file
2. Compose a 6 word memoir in the file
3. Find an image that accompanied the “big life moment” they experienced
4. Take a screen shot of the final “big moment” and share it with a communal Google Document
5. A group of 4 students took all of the images and placed them in an iMovie project with 3-4 transitions and copyright free music to culminate the final product.
This was an experience where students were highly engaged and worked to complete the task within the time limit. It is a great change to synthesize or generalize ideas around a central theme.

Flat Stanley Redefined

Grade 2 students made global connections through this yearlong project.
1. Students and teachers created a Google Slide template.
2. The link to the template was sent via email to parents and friends who live in various places around the world.
3. Friends filled in the information about the location they live with images and facts.
Global reach spanned 22 cities and 10 countries.
Read a blog post about the process.

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