This week the MSU, MAET Overseas, Year Two cohort pulled of the annual #GREAT Conference. In two weeks, the Year Two group, planned, organized, delegated, prepared, and executed a half day conference. From the conference website to refreshments, the keynote speaker to breakout sessions the entire process was quite… a #GREAT experience! With 20 people in our cohort each with different personalities and visions, the entire process actually went quite smoothly. Sure, some feathers were ruffled and we swayed off course from time to time, but, we set a goal in helping educators implement Global Resources in Education And Technology, and we allowed that goal to drive our decisions.

Groups of 4 were in charge of creating 2, 40 minutes sessions. For my group’s first session, we decided to use the IGNITE format. Each individual prepared 20 slides, which would auto-advance after 15 seconds, lasting a total of 5 minutes. Our focus was “Problems of Practice” and we provided our attendees with the solutions we derived for those problems. Below is my presentation from that day, as well as a quick discussion that followed. I presented on developing 21st Century Skills, through the use of Mystery Skype.

Ignite Presentation

Close up of presentation slides:

For more information on Mystery Skype or the other problems of practice we presented on, feel free to check out our conference session page.

My group’s second session regarded “Engaging Teachers in Professional Learning.” In this session, we took the approach of deciding on the qualities of Professional Learning, and then moved into break-out sessions where participants went into a “deep-dive” of 1of 4 particular formats. After small group discussions, we came back together as a group to share the ideas and take-aways that were obtained. For my break-out session, I focused on “Byte Sized PL”- or using a “Flipped PD” model for professional learning. Below you can capture a bit of what was discussed.

Close up of over all presentation slides:

My Breakout Session: Introductory Byte Sized PL Implementation Video

Discussion from break-out session on “Byte-Sized PL”:

For more information on “Byte-Sized PL” or the other professional learning formats we presented on, feel free to check out our conference session page.


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