Part IV: Evaluation

Did it work?

In order to evaluate the TPACK transformation within this electricity unit there are multiple areas to witness whether this design was successful or not. I plan to utilize feedback from students, teachers, and the curriculum coach.

The first and most important will involve student work. When witnessing the students’ progress through the final projects, we should be able to see a wide range of creativity in terms of the alarm devices they created. Rather than seeing one standard electricity quiz board, we should be able to witness a broad range of products. Secondly, the written or oral, explanation, application, and justification of the choices the students made will be crucial, in order to determine whether their content knowledge is correct or carries misconceptions. If through these explanations the students have mastered the circuitry content and also produced variations of final projects while developing their creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking, the successful transformation of the unit will have been accomplished. A student reflection should also be conducted to receive feedback on the culminating project. Questions about personal growth with content, a different type of pedagogical approach than students are accustomed to, and the use of the Maker Kits will be reflected upon to see if students valued their functionality as much as they were intended.

Teacher surveys would also be handled. I would want information about how teachers who have experienced teaching this unit in the past, viewed the changes in the plan. It would prove valuable data to know if teachers considered the changes to be worth the time invested in implementing technologies that align directly not only with the pedagogy and content knowledge, but also with the alignment of our 21st Century Skills goal.

I would also touch base with the curriculum coach, to receive her feedback on the changes and implementation of the plan. Because our responsibilities will be overlapping, it will be important to keep in constant communication with her, so we can be on the same page for moving forward in the future. If the plan was a success, it might serve as a model for future endeavors.

Based on the feedback from students, teachers, and the curriculum coach, I feel there would be adequate information in evaluating whether the use of Experiential Learning pedagogy, Maker Kit technology, and electricity content were the best combination for student learning.


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