Part II: Outline of Transformation

An Overview

The transformation I would like to see take place, is a shift of pedagogical strategies along with the purposeful addition of technology tools used to facilitate learning. These two components, aligned with the electricity content would allow students to construct their understanding of circuits on a more personal basis (Experiential Learning), and set them up for more creative formats to demonstrate this knowledge in the culminating project. I want to offer students the chance to explore electricity with carefully selected technology tools to assist in their learning, rather than having the teacher at the center of instruction. It would be a paradigm shift where students are deriving their understanding of content based on smaller challenges the teacher would implement throughout the unit. Because this might be a format teachers are not completely accustomed to, the implementation of this unit would occur after the first science unit is taught, so there would be plenty of time to work on reformatting the unit with the teachers who would then be teaching it.

The rewording of this final project would need to be shifted as well, to open the parameters for students to work. Students would have access to multiple “Maker Kits,” as well as batteries, wires, bulbs, sockets, and other conducting and insulating materials to help design and test their final project. To further the transformation, students will demonstrate their knowledge through different facets of learning. They will include an explanation or reflection of why their electrical product is able to function using the appropriate vocabulary accurately. Students will design their project applying their understanding of electricity and the movement of electrons. Lastly, students will justify why the device they created is the best given the situation they have been presented with (perspective) (Wiggins & McTighe, 2005). By transforming the pedagogy and technology being used, students would be able to work along side the school wide goal of developing their 21st Century Skills through the use of technology while learning the content.

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