MAET Makers Collaboration Journal #3

Today I shared with the rest of the class, my idea for my Makers Project. I was feeling anxious and nervous to share, as I wasn’t sure how original or creative my idea was. It is rather intimidating sharing your idea, after witnessing the ingenious contraptions some makers… make. However, after hearing some of both the excitement and frustrations other classmates were going through, it eased my mind to know I was not alone.

After sharing the idea of creating a class mascot, it appeared to be well received, upon hearing the reasoning behind my decision. I think the biggest piece of feedback was the ever-constant reminder, that this is not only a project or tool I can have my students experience, but something I must experience and create myself.


Prototype for inside the mascot. I needed to create a circuit with two conductors, but one needed to be surrounded by an insulator so the circuit would not short. That was by far my biggest challenge.

My goal today was to find a way to have the two eyes illuminated side by side. This was the problem Connor and I faced a week ago (scroll to the bottom). Luckily, using some of his ideas, and guess and check strategies, I finally succeeded. I am thankful now that I took a picture of the final piece, as upon getting home from class, I couldn’t remember exactly what I had done. So- with that piece solved, I can now more forward in creating my official prototype.

I think the model I will create will be something that represents the first year students at MSU, MAET in Galway. Considering the many backgrounds and experiences we bring into our learning space, it is probably on par with the challenge my students will have creating one for the class. There are several items to take into consideration as, play dough is often of different consistencies (especially if I am the one preparing it), colors may play a role, my artistic skills in developing a mascot that classmates will recognize as the object I intended it to be, and of course a mascot that truly does represent everyone in the room.

Which means now- I have to think of this mascot, assemble the dough, document the process, and turn this Maker Project into a Project Made!

You need to trust me when I say, I only used a turtle as the replica because of the colors of play dough provided. It is by no means a representation of the year 1 MAET students- in the manner of which many people may quickly jump to!

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