Day Seven: “Quickfire Challenge” Popcorn Remix

Today’s challenge involved remixing a video clip, but not just any video clip. We were to select a topic from a list of educational “buzz words,” to “create a one-minute or less remix that relays the essence of that buzzword to your audience.” I chose the idea of a “flipped classroom,” and searched for videos with creative commons via YouTube. Once I had a few videos I was interested in, it was time to piece together my remix.

We used Mozilla’s Popcorn Maker for editing the video. While there are some hang-ups with this online software, I do enjoy that it’s free. It also works best with Firefox, though you can access the site from any computer, with internet and a web browser. Throughout my video, I edited several pieces of information (the original was 3 minutes long, my finished product was 1 minute), added text, and added speech bubbles.  You can take a look at my finished product by clicking on the image below. (It helps if you allow the video to load for about 30 seconds prior to viewing- one of the hang-ups I mentioned.)


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