Day Six: “Quickfire Challenge” 6 Word Memoir

Today was by far the most challenging quickfire challenge, for me. We began by taking a look at 6 word memoirs, which I feel is a pretty great idea. Get to the point, and only include the most necessary items that represent you. It could be your whole life, it could be your weekend, it could be your walk to class. After reflecting for a brief period of time, I came up with my 6 word memoir, and it was time to put it into action with technology. This was the difficult part.

We used Mozilla Thimble to edit/dabble in coding a template that had been created. This was all completely new to me, as I am accustomed to dragging and dropping or searching for alternative ways for inserting or editing media. While there were directions to follow, the learning curve here was a steep one. Other than embedding video into blogs or webpages, the coding language was completely new to me.

This definitely made me reflect on the learning process for both my students and myself. I brought into this situation very little prior knowledge, which I’m not sure helped or hindered the challenge. I used my knowledge of Google and YouTube in search for how to upload an image, and while I had to take a photo with PhotoBooth, upload it to Flickr, copy the HTML code (with only specific text), and then paste it back into the Thimble code, the image did appear. Actually, writing this out does not make it sound too bad- but believe me, one added space or accidental quotation mark and that picture would not be there! I may now have more empathy for my students who enter some learning situations with no experience or background knowledge. They are just thrown into the learning environment and are expected to survive or succeed. There are times I allow students to become a tad frustrated before easing my way in to provide them with support, and there are moments I need to intervene before frustration arises. I noticed one of our professors did this today as well. He waited long enough for us to have a go independently (or asking neighbors), and then slowly made his way around to check on progress and guide us toward an answer.

Anyhow, I definitely have respect for the creators of the easy to use programs like Glogster, where the coding is done for you, and the user’s job is made much easier. Below, you may click on the image to get a larger version of my 6 Word Memoir.


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